ZTL Old Tree Trunk

Scanned Old Tree Trunk, Cleaned up Retopologized 3D Model. Both versions, thin and wider trunks available for purchase in one product here: www.gum.co/Tree-Trunk-Cleaned-Retopologized-3D-Scan-Old-Lilac

turntable video: https://youtu.be/fU0cerel3XE
more screenshots: http://www.koreybaarts.com/old-tree-trunk

BaseColor-map and Albedo-map Textures 16384 x 16384 .PNG
Zbrush .ZTL with UV and 8 SubDivision levels: from 2922 poly to 47874048 poly.
.ZTL include 2 versions (check Layers): original and wider trunk (see Covers).
+ 7 meshes .OBJ format

GameReady-realtime version available for purchasing here: www.gum.co/realtime-tree-trunk-game-ready-3d-model

Tree Trunk Old Cleanned up Retopologized 3D Scan